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For answers or suggestions, contact us by e-mail to support@teimsi.org

You can join the TEIMSI forum by visiting the Web page: http://www.teimsi.org/forum

There are also various available tools that can be downloaded by visiting our website: http://www.teimsi.org/tools

Name of the resourceDescription
 FasmA simple, fast and efficient assembler preferred by the TEIMSI editor.
 OllydbgSimple and efficient Debugger for .EXE program files or .DLL library files
 TEIMSIToolsItís a set of tools to ease the creation of TEIMSI projects.
 Win_errorsList of errors returned by the APIs.
 Cpu386.htmlIt's a document that describes the set of instructions for the CPU models 80386.
 Win32.hlpIt's a document that describes the functions of the API.
 Winsock.hlpDescribes functions and protocols for data transfer over the Internet.
 Window_includes.txtDescribes many constants, data structures and API functions prototypes.
 WinztutIt's an Assembler tutorial with several examples for the Masm language.

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