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▣  There is a limitation in usable words as names of variables or functions, they must respect the assembly language keywords of FASM.

▣  The language FASM restriction also with brand name labels, there can not exist two labels with the same name.

▣  Due to its architecture, a low processing speed may occur using long loops very challenged with instructions that make use of string variables, for these cases is very useful to implement speed-optimized programming and/or assembly code that can be placed with the "_direct {}" instruction (see Assembler code blocks).


TEIMSI offers unparalleled ease over other programming languages to perform tasks with the main resource of a computer (CPU speed) as well as memory (RAM and physically available) and other resources to provide. This is due to the following reasons which are listed below:

⇒  It allows you to create applications on the fly and with just one line of TEIMSI code.

⇒  It requires little of the syntax corrections in the instructions and programmed texts compared with other popular programming languages, making it simple.

⇒  Provides the ability to easily access a direct communication with assembly language text anywhere (which means speed and efficient CPU usage).

⇒  Provides the ability to be using FASM, excellent assembly language compiler very simple and clear operation, being also its use and distribution of source code freely available.

⇒  There are huge amount of libraries, and documentation of functions which are available on the Internet since many years ago for the Win.2000/XP/7/... operating systems.

⇒  TEIMSI provides an excellent combination of the best function which were built for successful languages like Jscript and P.H.P and other functions considered as fundamental.

⇒  It has the ability to easily create default functions (for example: the "str_overwrite" function was created for TEIMSI in less than an hour).

⇒  It gives to everybody the ability of watching the intermediate code generated by the compiler (by pressing the F4 key with the TEIMSI editor when editing the script), which is mostly composed of macro-instructions (whose content is defined within the assembly language files inside the "engine" folder found in the installation folder of the compiler).

⇒  It uses the default low-level functions written by the author on the installation folders as well as the framework (the "tco_framework" folder). A "Framework" is a set of files with functions and definitions available for programming.

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