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Uruguay, January 2015.




Dear reader:


I have named "TEIMSI" this (digital and artistic) work which I think is a path to a better understanding not only of machines and computing but also the art of complexity increasingly larger of the Laws of Physics and the behavior of everything in nature, does not escape from this exploration the wonder of life which every day generates amazing discoveries.

I wish the technology to be always helping the moral and economic needs of every individual, enabling reliable social networks by improving the intellect and work performance as well as also to teach to proper management of our planet's resources then providing assistance regarding employment opportunities by state rulers to the people that have no money to pay for basic expenses.

I recognize that Internet is like an ever bigger bridge of collective world-wide support in various areas of society: Health, Education, Communication and specially the Work area. I'm thankful for being born in this technological era of the human evolution because is increasingly possible to reach the "infinite knowledge". And if someone once said that "everything" imaginable is possible, then we should accept the prudent imagination even if our utmost undertaking requires the according time and energy.

I dedicate this project to those who work without conditions to give work and edifying tools to the humanity.



Eloy Roballo

Programmer of TEIMSI.




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